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OCS puts candidates through the grinder

readPickup:   Anticipated, but not fully appreciated until it arrives

readPlatoon Sergeant:   Chief instructor brings out the Marine

readThe O Course:   A sadist's playground

readField Work:   A chance to do 'fun stuff'


Walking the razor's edge

readClassroom:   Interesting or dull, lectures are key to candidate's success

readSULE:   Leadership ability tested in frustrating ‘SULE’ course

readLiberty:   Liberty provides welcome respite, but even it has a purpose

readPugil Sticks:   A 'bloody' day in the field

readInspection:   Dreaded by all

readGraduation:   Pinning on the bars


New Marines learn to command a platoon

readGetting Lost:   Everyone gets lost in Quantico's woods

readTeachers:   New officers get lessons from men fresh from combat

readMess Night:   A Marine Corps tradition of food, fun and pranks


readStories from our readers about their experiences at OCS.

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